Who is Swan Coastal Press?

Angela Nikulinsky founded Swan Coastal Press to support and promote artists, an idea inspired by her work with botanical and wildlife artist Philippa Nikulinsky and other brand, studio Nikulinsky.

Where does the name come from?

Swan Coastal Press takes its name from the Swan Coastal Plain, a low lying coastal plain, mainly covered with woodlands, dunes, wetlands and rivers.

The Swan Coastal Plain Subregion part of the South West Botanical Province, an internationally recognised ‘biodiversity hotspot’ - these are special places, only 35 in the world - full of the richest and most threatened reservoirs of plant and animal life.

Located on the Indian Ocean coast, the Swan Coastal Plain is ~30km wide, runs west of the Darling Scarp uplands from Cape Naturaliste in the south, to north of the city of Perth. It has the highest population density in Western Australia.

What kind of artwork are you looking for?

SCP is very interested in artwork & designs that:

  • convey the mood of our time, and/or respond to particular political & social events, 
  • are awesome paintings worth reproducing for all to enjoy, 
  • are inspired by nature, 
  • make you laugh, 
  • help celebrate or commiserate an occasion,
  • you would want to receive in the post!

A handmade quality to the work is essential (digital work is permitted, so long as it is not a photograph with a Photoshop filter applied, or whatnot). Here's that link to apply.

What kind of work won't you publish?

Art that reflects sexist, anti-vaccination, anti-Palestine, anti-diversity and racist views, or includes ableist or TERF language, transphobia & homophobia is not welcome.

SCP will also not accept work that uses techniques from outside your cultural background (cultural appropriation is not cool). And, of course, it must be your own work!

Will you be doing products other than greeting cards?

Yes, hopefully! A range of notebooks and other stationery items would be nice, eh?

Why greeting cards?

Nothing will replace a handwritten card you can keep as a mini artwork.

They're an affordable way to own a little piece of an artist's work (while also supporting that artist!).

Only one person can buy a painting, and for many it is not affordable to do so. Art should be shared widely and enjoyed by all.

Plus, who doesn't love getting mail that ISN'T a bill? Anyone? No, didn't think so.

Can I submit my work if I already have it on greeting cards?

We would prefer to have exclusive paper-product access to your work. If it is licensed for use in other products, like fabric, that is fine (and congrats!)! If you already produce your own cards and want us to take over, let's chat about that.

Can you be my agent?

SCP founder Angela has two kids, two cats, a student husband and another business. Sorry, no, SCP don't and can't act as your agent.

If I'm an Australian artist living overseas, can I apply?

Yes, sure thing! 

How many artists are you going to publish?

Not sure yet, it depends on how things go.

What if you say no to me becoming a SCP artist?

Naturally, not all work will suit the (evolving) vision of the Swan Coastal Press brand. This is not a reflection on you or your work, rather how it fits in with other artists and what is best suited to the medium and potential stockist interest. SCP can still help to get a range going for you to sell on Etsy or your own website, we can chat!