SCP Artists

Brook Gossen
Brook GossenBrook Gossen is a Meanjin (Brisbane) based artist who uses craft tools as well as paint, pencil and technology to create works inspired by her family, the world around her and all the colours of the rainbow. 


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Marni Stuart 

 Marni lives on Gubbi Gubbi Country in Queensland. As a child Marni dreamed of growing up to be a rainbow farmer, she has since built a multifaceted practice working as a surface pattern designer, researcher and design educator. Her patterning practice is inspired by regionalism and sense of place and celebrates the overlooked wildflowers of the Wallum coastal heathland.

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Megan Isabella

Megan Isabella


Megan Davies aka Megan Isabella Design lives on Whadjuk Nyoongar Country in Western Australia. 

Megan is a floral-obsessed print and pattern designer. She makes hand-painted artwork for brands that are all about playfulness and childhood nostalgia. Her cute and colourful illustration style celebrates the natural world around us and inspires conversation.

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