Artist Submissions

Swan Coastal Press is looking to publish excellent Australian artists, whose work is created to a high standard, responds creatively to our time and place & can be applied to paper products such as greeting cards.

Specifically, SCP is very interested in artwork & designs that:

  • convey the mood of our time, and/or respond to particular political & social events, 
  • are awesome paintings worth reproducing for all to enjoy, 
  • are inspired by nature, 
  • make you laugh, 
  • help celebrate or commiserate an occasion,
  • you would want to receive in the post!

A handmade quality to the work is essential (digital work is permitted, so long as it is not a photograph with a Photoshop filter applied, or whatnot).

Work that reflects sexist, anti-vaccination, anti-Palestine, anti-diversity and racist views, or includes ableist or TERF language, transphobia & homophobia is not welcome. SCP will also not accept work that uses techniques from outside your cultural background (cultural appropriation is not cool). And, of course, it must be your own work!

SCP would prefer to publish artists' work on greeting cards exclusively - if you're already licensed by another card company, this will likely conflict and compete with SCP.

That said, don't be afraid! Kindness and creativity rules. These guidelines will evolve with the brand. I look forward to receiving your submission.